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Swimming pool how to add sterilization algicide is correct

2016-11-24 00:49:02

        Some swimming pool that the swimming pool water should not be added fungicidal algicide pool is correct fungicide, but have to add a little sodium hypochlorite bleach solution, sterilization dose is not enough or no dosing disinfectant, bacteria in the water a short time a large number of bacteria Reproductive growth, resulting in excessive bacteria, algae growth, water green, the surface floating foam does not disappear for a long time. Here to take a look at how to add sterilization pool swimming pool was correct.
        The more the water, the more turbid water, the higher the water temperature, the more shallow the pool, the stronger the acidity of water, the longer the use of water, water, ammonia nitrogen content The higher will increase the amount of disinfectant, and vice versa. These factors are changing at all times, disinfectant usage should also be a corresponding change, not a once and for all dose. To achieve economic and rational use of disinfectants, we must first have the means to determine the content of disinfectants in water (such as: once a period of time determination of chlorine in water, the national health standards require every two hours measured once) and in practice to explore the economy Usage amount.
        In order to kill and inhibit bacterial microbes in water, and not cause harm to the human body concentration range, the recommended sterilization time should be sterilized before decommissioning at night, at this time there is no bathers, disinfectant disinfectant concentration can exceed National standards, with a long period of high concentrations of bacteria produced during the day the vast majority of micro-organisms to kill the next day before the opening of the determination of residual chlorine, if less than chlorine, and then add a small amount of disinfectant control residual chlorine 0.3-0.5 , So as to ensure long-term high-quality water.
        Did you understand the above? If you have a different opinion about the addition of water treatment agents, please contact us. Sincerely at your service.


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