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East Tao chemical supply of slime stripping agent

2016-11-20 21:49:22

        Zaozhuang Dongtao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. supply of water treatment agent slime stripping agent is efficient sterilization algicide, surfactants, penetrating agent, dispersant and other compound made. With a broad-spectrum, highly efficient fungicides and the ability of a strong sticky peeling and cleaning functions. This product performance, environmental protection, high efficiency, widely used in various sectors of the circulating cooling water system, slime stripping and cleaning.


It is composed by quaternary ammonium salt and penetrating agent.

It can soak into loam layer, and have a strong Exfoliation  and cleaning action to biological fouling.

It can be used under wide PH value, under alkaline condition, it is also effective.

It has a character of high effective, broad spectrum, Potency fast.




items index
Colorless or pale yellow Transparent liquid
Active content%         ≥    
pH(1% water solution)          


It can be used as fungi disinfectant in industrial circulating cool water system and Waste Water Treatment etc.alternate with non-oxidizing biocide, dosing 1-2 times per month. Impulse dosing, the concentration should be 100∽200mg/l. Once existed more foams, antifoaming agent should be added . 

        4,Package and Storage:

25Lor 200L in plastic barrel. Storage for one year.

        5,Safety Protection:

neuter, avoid contact with eye and skin, once contacted, flush with water.



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