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Slime stripping agent composition

2016-11-11 21:49:52

First, the slime produces the environment biological slime
    Is in the role of heterotrophic bacteria, colloidal substances in water suspended solids as the main sticky material composition together. Due to the existence of biological slime, it hinders the normal passage of cooling water and reduces the cooling effect of the condenser. Biological slime coating on the water side of the metal surface of the heat exchanger to prevent water treatment agent corrosion inhibitor and scale inhibitor to the metal surface to play a normal corrosion and scale inhibition, reducing the effectiveness of these drugs. Slime covering the metal surface, the formation of different potentials, accelerated the corrosion rate of metal. A lot of sticky mud, especially algae, attached to the surface of the cooling water system equipment not only affects the appearance of the system, but also may result in heat transfer equipment, clogging and corrosion of anaerobic bacteria.
Second, the product performance
    The slime release agent is composed of biocides, surfactants, strong penetrating agents, stabilizers and the like, and can rapidly penetrate into the mucilaginous micelles, releasing bubbles by oxidative decomposition, combining the action of bactericides and activators, Mud off with the water discharge, to achieve the purpose of strong stripping and cleaning, so that the surface clean, so as to prevent scale corrosion. Slime release agent has good dispersion and permeability, its penetrating power, low toxicity, fast action, from the slime, sludge, bacteria and algae secretions and bacteria and algae composition of the slime has a good decomposition peeling . But also has a softening and cleaning of metal surface Chen scale, corrosion and improve the heat transfer rate of the role of equipment. Sludge stripping agent also on sulfate-reducing bacteria, nitrifying bacteria and nitrosating bacteria have a strong role in the killing.
Third, product use
    Slime stripping agent is mainly used in power plant, chemical industry, oil refining, ammonia, urea, coking and oil refineries, circulating cooling water system sludge slime stripping, many systems due to water turbidity, rubber ball is not normal, sterilization Algae can not be carried out in time, will be deposited in the pipe a lot of sticky dirt and other dirt. In this case, the use of slime stripping agent is a very effective measure, more suitable for the above unit system.
Fourth, use
    Slurry release agent recommended concentration 150--200mg / L impingement into the water tower pond outlet, according to the system of circulating water volume to add 150 ~ 200ppm, cycle 24-48 hours, when the circulating water turbidity reaches its maximum value Stop stripping process, start changing the water, you can see significant results. When there is foam in the stripping process, add antifoaming agent. Add slime stripping agent after the separation of circulating water due to dirt, it is timely removal of floating debris, so as to avoid secondary deposition. Sludge stripping agent used as sterilization algicide, the general dosage is 50-100ppm.
Fifth, packaging and storage
    The slime stripping agent is packed in plastic bucket, 25kg or 200kg per barrel. It is stored in indoor cool and ventilated place. The shelf life is ten months.
Sixth, security and protection
    Slime stripping agent on the skin without obvious stimulation, attention to labor protection, should avoid contact with the skin, eyes, contact with a lot of water rinse.


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