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Water quality treatment of central air conditioning water system

2016-11-08 01:43:04

    Central air conditioning cycle cooling water treatment program can be divided into three steps:
 1, cleaning
    The use of efficient dispersant, penetrating agent, cleaning agent, etc., completely remove the system of sludge, suspended solids, rust and scale, etc., to metal surface clean.
    First of all, to remove dirt layer and rust layer of bacteria and algae on the surface layer of mucilage in order to clear the dirt layer and rust layer, the cleaning agent and the scale layer and rust layer full contact reaction. Generally, the bioadhesion of bacteria and algae decreases or disappears after killing or restraining their life activities. If coupled with the unique ability of decontamination of pharmaceuticals, it is easier to make the mud peeling, the water was taken to the pond after settling.
    The selection of suitable biocides and stripping agents is important for the rapid removal of the algae sludge layer. Fungicide addition to a bactericidal algae, there is also an important role is to bacteria and algae sticky layer of peeling. In the bacteria and algae slime clear, you can use a low concentration of acid corrosion inhibitor plus the right amount of direct cleaning layer of rust and dirt. As the system has copper pipe, it should be added in the cleaning of copper corrosion inhibitor, thiourea class of organic inhibitors to inhibit the corrosion of copper ions. Can also be combined with copper corrosion inhibitor cleaning agent directly to the cleaning. Sale that the above two steps in the cleaning, you can not stop the case, the pharmaceutical directly from the cooling tower to join the cooling water to run the cycle of cleaning. After cleaning, replace the cooling water in the system and flush the system.
 2, pretreatment
    After cleaning, the system of metal surface is activated, prone to secondary floating rust and scaling, it must be pre-treatment. Pretreatment is to control a certain water quality conditions (such as calcium ion concentration, PH value, alkalinity, etc.), to the water dosing a special pretreatment agents, the higher the concentration of circulating under the use of equipment and pipe network The metal surface to form a dense and complete protective film to reduce the system in operation of corrosion.
 3, regular regular maintenance:
    On the basis of pretreatment, the use of appropriate low concentration of water treatment agent to maintain and repair the metal surface of the system to form a protective film to prevent the scaling of various scale-scale fouling, while inhibiting the growth of various bacteria and algae in the water , Can increase the concentration factor, to scale, corrosion and reduce the adhesion of the purpose of improving the heat transfer effect of equipment to extend the working hours of the equipment, saving water. The main applications of chemical agents are:
    (1) composite scale and corrosion inhibitor: Mainly by the organic phosphonate, copolymer, copper corrosion inhibitor and other components, has a good scale and corrosion inhibition performance, can be selected according to different water quality.
    (2) Fungicides: from isoseltzolidone and additives, etc., with permeability and kill bacteria algae and other properties, but also has a slime peeling effect. Composed of quaternary ammonium salts and additives, is also efficient, broad-spectrum sterilization algicide, the circulating water bacteria, fungi and algae have a significant role in the killing.
    Central air conditioning chilled water treatment program is also divided into cleaning, pre-membrane and routine maintenance of three steps, the cleaning agent and cooling water used roughly the same. The difference is that chilled water system corrosion is the main, usually in operation should be the main anti-corrosion. Chilled water system used in the corrosion inhibitor, dosing ratio of 2000 grams / ton of water. In addition, in order to effectively inhibit the corrosion of chilled water system copper, 50 grams per ton of water can be added to the proportion of copper corrosion inhibitor. Whether the circulating cooling water or chilled water, in the daily operation and maintenance, the water quality of chemical monitoring must be carried out regularly, according to monitoring results to guide the system sewage, adjust the water content of pharmaceuticals within the prescribed range, to maintain the scale and corrosion inhibitor content The chemical balance of the various components of water to prevent biological, dirt scale of the occurrence, control the trend of corrosion.


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