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Ammonia wastewater treatment _ industrial cooling water system prone to problems

2015-08-06 22:34:34

     In general, cooling water will often appear corrosion, scaling and bacteria breeding algae problems in the daily operation. Now the reasons for its occurrence and control methods are as follows:

    1, the corrosion generation

    Metal Corrosion is the role of the surrounding medium, due to the chemical reaction, the electrochemical reaction or physical interaction phenomena by leaving metal metal damage and destruction of property. Circulating cooling water is saturated with oxygen, due to the uneven surface structure of carbon steel, can produce spontaneous electrochemical reaction, easily led to corrosion.

    1.1 metal and oxygen in the water corrosion effect

    Circulating water in the cooling tower full contact with oxygen, enough oxygen circulating water, white ferrous hydroxide is easily oxidized to a reddish-brown rust, corrosion cell will always exist, the anode metal will continue to corrode. However, the above reaction is a conjugate reflect, if a reaction is stopped, the whole process will be controlled corrosion. This is the key to our corrosion control - circulation of oxygen dissolved in the water to prevent the diffusion of metal. I add my own production company and efficient corrosion agent can form a tough protective film on the metal surface, completely corrosion rate can be controlled within the range permitted by the State.

    1.2 Anionic concentrated effect caused by corrosion

    Circulating cooling water in the enrichment process, the concentration of various salts multiplied when high Cl- and SO42- ion concentration, causes the metal surface protective film is reduced protective properties. Especially Cl- ion radius, penetrating, easy to damage the metal surface of the protective film, the electrochemical corrosion rate increases, causing localized corrosion of metals. Especially for the austenitic stainless steel stress corrosion cracking caused great harm. You can make the condenser in the short term leaks scrapped, Cl- concentration should be controlled at 350mg / L or less

    1.3 when two dissimilar metals in contact, due to the potential difference between the metal caused by galvanic corrosion, such as stainless steel condenser tube and carbon steel end plates, the contact portion of the steel material will therefore accelerate corrosion.

    1.4 Factors influence metal corrosion in cooling water and corrosion control methods

    Factors that affect the metal corrosion in cooling water is more complex, it is the following: pH, anions, complexing agents, hardness, metal ions, dissolved gases, suspended solids, sediments, flow rate, temperature and the like.

    In general, the method of controlling corrosion of metals are: anti-corrosion coating is applied, the use of cathodic protection (sacrificial anode), to improve the cooling water pH (basic approach), the choice of condenser and other corrosion resistant materials. Wherein the cooling water system by adding ingredients containing corrosion Water treatment chemicals stabilizer (ATMP), the metal surface dense layer of protective film to protect the metal from corrosion, which is the main method to control metal corrosion , with a safe, efficient and economic advantages.


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