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Swimming ph depressants Caution

2015-07-23 23:38:07

        Pool water quality has been a concern, and now the pool although many, but there has been no compliance problems of water quality, so people do not trust the water in the swimming pool. Pool water has chlorine routine testing project, ph, with its ph value of the water is a very important indicator, such as non-compliance or excessive water ph is not only harmful, but also affecting disinfection disinfectant. So to be in a predetermined range phWith the swimming pool water treatment technology is getting better, the water can solve any situation, so that the water remains clear Zhan. However, swimming pool ph-lowering agent belonging to one of the swimming pool water treatment agent, its main role is to reduce water too high ph value, per 1,000 cubic meters of water, add 10-15 grams, can reduce water Ph value of 1 degree, and so on!

        Pool ph-lowering agents generally use less, such as water ph value is exceeded, then lowering agent is required to maintain the ph value of the water up to standard, the use of this water treatment agent, can not be directly sprinkled into the pool, the first bucket into the appropriate amount of water, then add modifiers to dissolve after a good sprinkle of water. Quickly spread to the pool for at least half an hour or one hour can be used.
        Then use the swimming pool ph lowering agent note the following:
        First, not oral, away from children and not professionals so difficult to touch;
        Second, sealed, placed in a cool dry place, not mixed with other chemicals stored;
        Third, prior to use can not be directly spill into the pool, to join dissolved after bucket, sprinkled into the water in;
        Fourth, the need to do a good job security, wear rubber gloves, protective goggles or face shield to avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing, such as accidental contact with water rinse for 10 minutes or so, if not your doctor, if swallowed by mistake PH lowering agent, make a lot of water and immediately seek medical attention.
        Further An increasing agent is Ph Swimming pool water treatment agent most commonly used to ensure compliance ph value of the water should be equipped with the best two.

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