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Use multifunctional corrosion inhibitor success stories

2015-07-10 23:57:44

          1. Use a circulating water replenishment system in high CL-, high PH value of water quality

         Chien-yuan, Inner Mongolia coking company in July 2012, serious water shortages occur, the urban water stop for Shenhua Coal neglect our deep well water and poor water quality, has resulted in a circulating water system scaling, desperation, Smouldering cure limit production. Dangers, the introduction of multi-functional scale and corrosion inhibitor and processing techniques, a turning point. Add water Chien coking of three kinds of quality:
         More than three kinds of water in the actual use of the process, quality instability, instability of water to rural CL- magnification can not be represented by the assessment, it can only add to the total amount of sewage water divided by the total assessment of concentration. Near half time, press four times magnification control, dose by adding the number of systems, running well, not only to get rid of the old scale, and the system is no evidence of corrosion, heat exchangers monthly check performed to confirm this . Later, later renamed the Yellow River, the proposed ratio of 8 times the current operating normally.
         Cangzhou Railway Equipment Materials Co., Ltd. is a large steel company, address, Huanghua area, cooling water used in all surface waters, a total base 140mg / L, total hardness 320mg / L, CL-226-600mg / L, ph 7.5 -8.25. With multifunctional corrosion inhibitor treatment, methanol plant concentrate ratio reaches 8 times, coking plant concentrate ratio reaches 12, ironworks concentrate ratio reaches 6, sometimes circulating water CL- up to 2000mg / L or more, since the pre- CL- film speed is greater than the etching rate of the circulating water system is operating normally.
         2. Use as a circulating water replenishment system in high hardness, high water hardness
         Handan Lu Shun coking plant into operation 10 years ago, is the only supplementary source of deep well water circulating water hardness of 300-410mg / L, hardness 900-1200mg / L, ph value of 7.8. Due to lack of water, circulating water concentration ratio had requested reach 4-6 times. Because outstanding performance water treatment agent, circulating water cooler early final cooler not been removed for cleaning, there has been no change management, now is still operating normally.
         Shandong Shiheng located in the mining area, mine dewatering water from deep wells and water quality is not very different, alkalinity 200mg / L, the hardness of 1020mg / L, Ca2 + 156mg / L, CL-121mg / L, ph value of 8.05. Multi After the function of corrosion inhibitor treatment, 2 # blast furnace gas system, one million t coking system, 8MW heat generator systems recirculating water concentration rate increase from 1.8 to 3.2-3.5, on the basis of a large number of water saving, reaching the device does not scale does not corrode.
         3. The use of the circulating cooling water zero discharge system
         Henan Po Shun Chemical Technology Co., the second phase due to the high rate of recycled water cause serious system scaling, often shutdowns or cleaning. Since October 2, 2012 beginning, the use of multi-functional scale and corrosion inhibitor technology, installed next to the circulating water filters, the implementation of the circulating water system is operating normally, several open heat exchanger inspection, no scaling and corrosion problems.
         Circulating water system Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes steel grid section no sewage facilities, nor next to the filter device, using multifunctional corrosion inhibitor for 10 years, pay daily dosing, nor tested the water quality, but do not control targets, yearly "May", "October" during the Spring Festival holiday, changing the water after Qingchi discontinued, maintained a system of long-term scale does not corrode.
         4. The use of the city heating system
         Handan Fengfeng Mining Area Heating Company next lower heating costs, water heating system will complement replaced by soft water from deep wells. For decades, in accordance with well water plus 50g per 1t supplementary corrosion inhibitor multifunctional approach, timely at the bottom of the heater of the sewage, water and fouling the agent with a substance formed slag discharge system to ensure that the heating system is operating normally No heating pipes and radiators corrosion and fouling problems.
         Shahe City winter heating borne by the welcome power plants, according to the company's approach to peak heat run, 3-year heating system is operating normally.
         5. The use of the low-pressure boiler system
         Henan Po Shun Chemical 6T boiler, Zhangnan coking 10T boiler, long Peng pharmaceutical 10t boilers, Changzhou foam 10t boiler, furnace cleaning after fouling constantly cleaning agent after the cleaning, reduce the dose to carry on scale and corrosion inhibition with good results.
         Xingtai Iron and Steel Company steel mill flue converter is evaporative cooling, due to poor water quality, fouling and corrosion caused by flue. With multifunctional corrosion inhibitor treatment, old dirt is removed, the new scale not produce; corrosion of iron oxide scale exhaust system, and a pre-layer anticorrosive film on; use of the effects of treatment are very satisfied .

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