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Domestic seawater cooling technology

2015-07-09 00:11:34

        DC cooling of the sea nearly 70 years of application history, to already has a technology and scale, mainly thermal power plants and nuclear power plants using seawater directly as industrial cooling water, but the technology and scale of the gap compared with the international level of cash great. But with the Zhuhai Power Plant in April 2000 put into commercial operation, technology research in the biological control of sea has made considerable progress. Zhuhai power plant water systems polluting marine life is Green Bay and barnacles bivalve molluscs Gang, has bactericide nitrogen oxide, sodium hypochlorite, a non-oxidizing biocides, control bacteria and algae and sea creatures, and sterilization agent dosage, mechanism of action and economic contrast technology for a more systematic study, to promote domestic direct seawater cooling and circulating cooling treatment technology has accumulated rich experience.
        Our seawater circulating cooling technology started late, high single starting point. In the "eight five" during the start of the laboratory seawater circulating cooling technology exploration and research. "Nine Five" and "fifteen" continued technological breakthroughs, seawater circulating cooling technology research through industrial test, the key technology research demonstration projects, made a number of significant innovations. Breaking the freshwater national standard "industrial cooling water treatment involves standard" quality standard penalty area, the creation of a seawater circulating cooling technology research methodology, the construction of chemical, electric power systems two seawater circulating cooling dynamic simulation development platform; the implementation of the water cycle Cooling capacity of 100 tons, and tons kiloton of three demonstration projects; breaking the seawater corrosion inhibitors, scale dispersants, fungicides and seawater cooling towers and other key technologies and carried out technical, economic and environmental impacts evaluation, forming a sea of ​​national standards "seawater circulating water design specifications." "Eleventh Five-Year" National Technology Support Program "10 tons of seawater circulating cooling technology and equipment development" issues of 1000MW ultra parameter for thermal power units supporting the seawater circulating cooling technology development needs, develop a seawater circulating cooling water treatment chemicals, large saltwater cooling towers and other key technologies to build two sets of 10 tons / hr of seawater circulating cooling demonstration projects. In the application process constantly exploring solved seawater circulating cooling related to corrosion, dirt, sea biological control and seawater cooling tower defense salt deposits, salt spray and splashes and other technical problems, and gradually narrow the gap with the international advanced level.
        Early 1. Xi'an Thermal Power Research Institute Co., Ltd. in the 1990s along the Bohai Bay in Tianjin Dagang Power Plant Simulation test and research the dynamic cooling water circulation.
        2.20 early 1990s the introduction of the Belgian company HAMON counter flow natural draft cooling tower computer program for calculating the water counter flow natural draft cooling tower.
        Tianjin Institute of Marine desalination and comprehensive utilization 3. State Oceanic Administration completed the national "Nine Five" key scientific and technological project "seawater circulating cooling technology research" -100m³ / h seawater circulating cooling industrial test; 2002 in Tianjin Soda Plant built 1000m³ / h seawater circulating cooling technology demonstration projects; 2004 in Shenzhen Power Co. Waterford 2 * 120MW unit, built seawater circulating cooling technology demonstration project on the means for circulating water 14000m³ / h, the circulating water system dosing inhibitor (ATMP), resistance detergents and biocide treatment, concentration 1.8-2.2 multiples of control, effective control of thermal pollution, which uses a single mechanical draft cooling towers, rather than natural draft cooling tower, the main research results of the demonstration project focused on sea corrosion inhibitors, scale dispersants, fungicides, etc. Technically, the seawater cooling tower process design has not made real progress, thermal properties, such as seawater and fresh water cooling towers cooling towers differences and their causes, seawater cooling tower of the tower core material , pyramid structure, operation and other aspects of related issues to be further studied.
        The national "Eleventh Five-Year" period, with domestic seawater cooling tower system technology research and demonstration applications, seawater circulating cooling tower technology provide the necessary theoretical basis is widely used in our country for seawater cooling tower designed to lay the foundation. Project research results, has written China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation edited "The water cooling tower design guidelines," a guiding principle of our large-scale seawater cooling tower design. Technical formula has been used cooling tower thermal technology program prepared by the North China Electric Power Design Institute. Project studies have also been used to Tianjin SDIC Power Company Limited Beijiang Power Plant 1000MW machine supporting the design of 12,000 square meters of seawater cooling tower; this 13,000 square meters of seawater cooling tower Ninghai Power Plant Phase II project. Currently out of new power plants along the coast has a lot of seawater cooling tower program designed unit capacity of 600MW and 1000MW generators to give priority to the use of seawater circulating cooling tower technology, which for the economic development of coastal and marine ecological environment protection and conservation of freshwater resources, with significant social benefits.

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