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Synergistic inhibitory AA / AT / DE and PESA polymerization of SIO2

2015-07-05 23:53:48

 Infrared spectroscopy and AFM images confirmed the formation of SIO2-AA / AT / DE precipitation because SIO2 binding anionic particles and anions AA / AT / DE polymer. This phenomenon has created a solution in the consumption of active corrosion inhibitor, scale activity.

In the present study, we used a cationic polymer PESA white floc generated solve problems. The results show, PESA only removes white floc formation, but also to enhance the effect of silica scaling group AA / AT / DE's. Figure 6 is the experimental result that the SIO2 saturated solution while adding AA / AT / DE and PESA. PESA joined reveal excellent synergy.
When 40mg / L of AA / AT / DE and 5mg / L of PESA same time, the effect is used alone AA / AT / DE little difference. PESA upgrade will increase the dose of AA / AT / DE of scale and performance. For example, use can be maintained after 96h 382mg / L soluble SIO2 40mg / L of AA / AT / DE and 10mg / L of PESA combination, used alone 40mg / L of AA / AT / DE only be maintained 348mg / L of SIO2. With the upgrading of PESA concentration was significantly higher concentrations of soluble SIO2. Under 15mg / L and 20mg / L of PESA, soluble in 96h after SIO2 concentration distribution reach 416 and 439mg / L. 40mg / L of AA / AT / DE plus 30mg / L, 40mg / L, and 50mg / L of PESA, to achieve scale effects closer. However, at PESA dose of 60mg / L, 96h post-soluble SIO2 drastically reduced to 295mg / L.
Thus, PESA dose from 10mg / L increased to 40mg / l have a positive impact on group performance silica scaling AA / AT / DE's. However, when PESA dose to 60mg / L on the opposite effects.
Figure 7 shows the PESA added to SIO2-AA / AT / DE precipitate SIO2 solution 96h after picture. When 5mg / L of PESA added 40mg / L of AA / AT / DE and 500mg / SIO2 solution L, the production of white floc decreases, when adding 10mg / L of PESA, a lot of white floc dispersion. Under PESA dose 20,30,40mg / L of visual observation and 10mg / L is the same as PESA. Thus, PESA can enhance AA / AT / DE on SIO2 polymerization inhibitors effect, but also to prevent the SIO2-AA / AT / DE precipitate formation.

Ion polymer PESA help AA / AT / DE reduce or eliminate insoluble bag color SIO2-AA / AT / DE precipitate formed. Most of this phenomenon is by -NH3 + surface groups being part of the charge neutralization occurs. However, if PESA dose exceeds 40mg / L, AA / AT / DE activity will decline sharply. In this case, the negative charge PESA exceeds AA / AT / DE and hinders its scale inhibition.
PESA and AA / AT / DE combine to enhance the latter's performance. As mentioned earlier, PESA itself does not have the ability to inhibit the formation of precipitation SIO2. So its only logical synergy presentation is: PESA and AA / AT / DE by electrostatic binding, inhibition of AA / AT tendency / DE SIO2 colloidal particles and aggregation of particles at the interaction. However, the use of 40mg / l of an anionic polymer PESA, efficient Yang produced - anionic charge and not allowed in the corrosion inhibitor functional groups SIO2 polymerization inhibition.

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