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Water treatment agent commonly used control methods and the use of Corrosion Inhibitor

2015-07-01 22:35:46

Corrosion Inhibitor classification is important in water treatment chemicals, corrosion and scale inhibitor in fact we are not unfamiliar, category corrosion and scale inhibitors, there are many. Water treatment agents are all collectively on water treatment agent, which contain many species, people indispensable necessities. Social production and life have a significant effect.

1. Tracer Technology: is a certain amount of tracer in the water corrosion and scale inhibitors, corrosion and scale inhibitor become tracers make water treatment agent.
2. Flow proportional: Hyde Corrosion Inhibitor dosage = (supplementary water flow / circulating water concentration ratio) * corrosion inhibitor concentration in the circulating water. By conductance measurements of concentration to achieve.
3. Water balance: Principles and flow proportional, only with the introduction of the circulating water flow, emissions, water cooling water temperature and other parameters, calculate more precise.
Artificial dosing water treatment agent, much less is not possible, so we have to take control method good water treatment agent.

 Here are some corrosion inhibitor use, whether it is what to do with it? Let's take a look at it together!
Current research on DISPERSOR focused on the development of the various copolymers. And the direction is towards the preparation of pluripotent a dose of water treatment agent. In recent years on the development of environmentally friendly inhibitor for the protection of the environment and water resources from pollution contributed.
Corrosion Inhibitor products are made from organic phosphonates, sulfonate-containing copolymers, azoles, etc., on the water, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, etc. are good chelating dispersion, and carbon steel, copper It has a good inhibition effect, mainly for open recirculating cooling water system scale and corrosion inhibition.
Corrosion Inhibitor mainly used in power plants, chemical plants, central air conditioning and other cooling water system, its scale and strong, corrosion effect, especially for high PH value of water quality, not to add the acid tone PH value, directly in the base run environment.
I believe the use of the control method described above with respect to the use of corrosion inhibitor as well as water treatment chemicals you can buy and play a role in drug dosing.

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